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Georgi Kolev, the man with the vision

Image: Georgi Kolev

Georgi Kolev – Owner & Director
(31.03.1950), gallerist.

Born in the village of Lessidren, Lovech district.

He graduated from the university in the field of International Economic Relations.

Married, wife Valya, sons Nokolay and Radi. He established “Lessedra” gallery in 1991.

Since 1991 more than 60 personal exhibitions of contemporary artists.

“Who’s Who in Bulgaria” 1998

LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects
25, Milin Kamak Street,
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria


Newest Project of LESSEDRA

an exciting international art village

Situated in the forefront of the Balkan mountain (Stara Planina) the village of Lessidren (1200 inhabitants) is very natural and clean in air, products, food….Lessedra according to the history is the old Roman name of the village existing on the same place before more than 3000 years…The village of Lessidren is only 115 km far from Sofia and the main road is a highway. About one hour from Sofia airport.

for more information please visit www.Lessedra.com

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