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Napa Cabbage, Hammered Rice

Image: Napa Cabbage and Hammered Rice, Print with Braille by Chloe Dee Noble

“Napa Cabbage, Hammered Rice”
A portfolio of original handmade prints
American Artist Chloe Dee Noble
Each print is printed on paper.
The artist made a fine grind of artist pastel and mixed with it whole raw long-grain white rice and let it sit for 24 hours while on the paper she drew some borders.
To the edge of each border she layered the colored rice, placed a paper napkin over the rice and hammered until the color and imprint of the rice was imbedded into the paper.
She applied ink to a small whole leaf of Napa cabbage by pressing it into a sepia colored ink pad. Using the previous process, she covered the leaf with a napkin and hammered it until the original green color and the ink became imbedded into the paper.
No two prints are alike. They are all originals.
Each print is signed by the artist and embossed with Braille that reads “Napa Cabbage, Hammered Rice”
Each print is numbered, not as a print edition number but according to where it was created within the whole of the edition which is open.
Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity with a copy of the first print as shown here and dedicated to Bulgaria artist and friend Atanas Vassilev.
Chloe Dee Noble will be an artist in residence at Lessedra Gallery’s, “The Art Village” that is located in the mountains of Bulgaria. While there she will teach a workshop “Printing from Nature”. Your attendance is welcomed and invited, please see the links to discover more about “The Art Village” and contact Chloe’s studio link if you would like to attend the workshop.

International copyright, March 2016, “Napa Cabbage, Hammered Rice”, the series of original art prints with Braille by American Artist Chloe Dee Noble with all rights reserved.

This link will take you to LESSEDRA in Sofia Bulgaria

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