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Solo Exhibition May 2007 LESSEDRA Gallery Bulgaria

Хлоуи Ди Нобъл, САЩ,

3 май – 28 май 2007 Живопис, скулптура, графика Първо самостоятелно представяне в България Хлои Ди Нобъл живее и работи като живописец и скулптор в Калифорния. Още от детските си години тя започва да рисува, подкрепяна от своята леля и вуйчо. Музиката също е част от живота и, както и писането на стихове и разкази. След участието си в програма по изкуствата на музея в Атланта, Хлои започва първата си работа като илюстратор към Пентагона във Вашингтон. Разбирайки, че подкрепя с работата си войната във Виетнам, тя напуска и става модел. Продължава художественото си образование в Кралския колеж по изкуствата в Лондон. Хлои гледа оптимистично на живота и има разнообразна кариера въпреки че загубва зрението си при охапване от паяк. Преминава през училище за незрящи и продължава да се занимава с живопис и скулптура. Носителка е на много награди и отличия в САЩ и по света. Това е първото и представяне у нас и малките пластики са специално създадане за тази изложба и отляти тук – едно своеобразно посвещение на България.

Chloe Dee Noble, U. S. A.

May 3rd – May 28th Solo Presentation with Paintings, Sculptures and Prints For the First time in Bulgaria The Art of Chloe Dee Noble A painter/sculptor living in California. Originally from Georgia, her imagination was inspired by the rich countryside, farm animals and streams. As a young girl her first drawings were of tiny violets growing along the creek that meandered thru the family farm. Influential in the development of her creativity were an aunt and uncle, Winnie and Arthur Brand. As a child, she painted birds on china plates under the tutelage of her aunt while her uncle sat at the piano singing World War II songs as Chloe learned to play them. Music has remained a constant in her life and she has authored many songs, poems and short stories. After attending High Museum’s Fine Art Program in Atlanta, Chloe took her first job as illustrator with Department of the Army, Pentagon, Washington, D.C. Sadly realizing she was creating illustrations to promote U.S. involvement with the Vietnam War she left that job and became a fashion model. She continued studies at UCLA and London’s Royal College of Art. Chloe has had a varied and interesting career because she remains optimistic and adventurous. Life has been difficult at times, including the loss of her eyesight when she was bitten by a spider as she slept in bed. Her faith and inner strength kept her going. She attended Blind school, learned skills to help her have a normal life while continuing her career as a painter/sculptor. She starts each morning no later than four o’clock in a studio surrounded by paints and sculpture supplies and takes a quiet day once a week for meditation and prayer. The recipient of many awards, some of which include: Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who of American Women, Who’s Who of American Business Women. Decorated: baroness, the Netherlands; dame, Italy; received Great Britain’s silver medal of honor, decorated dame; and the lifetime achievement award as noted in the United States Library of Congress, Washington D.C. Teaching in any setting brings her joy. She has participated in numerous art organizations, competitions, has been juror, board member, chaired many art events and served as director of the prestigious Outdoor Summer Art Festival in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Her work is often auctioned to raise funds for foundations who help children, those with vision loss, and AIDS. The Chloe Dee Noble Foundation was established in 1976 when she created a scholarship fund at Santa Monica College. She loves to travel, meet new people, sketch, paint and sculpt on while on journey. Mostly, she takes great pleasure in simple things. Artist’s Statement: “TOUCH” a series Touch One, Touch Two, and Touch Three, were created in 2005 expressly for this exhibition. On record, there are several million blind people throughout the world. The purpose of this art work is to offer the visually impaired art patron the opportunity to view gallery art alongside the sighted art patron. Each print consists of earth colored handmade papers embellished with colorful flower petals, grasses and leaves. Original paintings have been printed on parchment; then prints of the same image are cut from paper several times and pressed onto the print offering a raised surface. Each print is then embossed with Braille so individuals may view - with fingertips - all of the images and the beautiful poem “The Song Of The Stone Wall“ by Helen Keller. During the exhibit, if you are a sighted person, please close your eyes for a moment. Gently glide your fingertips over the surface. Discover a different world. Chloe Dee Noble lost her eyesight in 1996 when she was bitten on the tip of her nose by a brown recluse spider as she lay sleeping in her bed in Glendora, California. She was rehabilitated by the State while attending Blind School in Pacific Grove where she learned Braille, mobility and home management skills. She is currently provided services by The Braille Institute in Los Angeles. Thanks to The Proctor Foundation, the eye research center for the University Of California, San Francisco, she has regained much of her vision and continues to work as a painter and sculptor. Many of her projects are created to benefit the visually impaired in hopes of enriching their lives thru art. Chloe was born on June 27th - Helen Keller’s birthday.

Image: the house on the hill - woodcut from 1976

"The House On The Hill" a linoleum block print, black printer's ink on rice paper created in 1976 when the artist lived at 704 Sunset Avenue in Venice Beach, California (Collection of Lessedra Gallery)

Image: "Windward" lino print on rice paper

"Windward" a linoleum block print, black printer's ink on rice paper created in 1976 when the artist lived at 704 Sunset Avenue in Venice Beach, California (Collection of Lessedra Gallery)

Image: "Bluebirds of Happiness" - the Noble technique

"Bluebirds of Happiness" the Noble technique - created, copyright and trademark 1976 Chloe Dee Noble a photo within a painting
(Collection of Lessedra Gallery)

Image: "Tootsie Roll Break" - the noble technique

"Tootsie Roll Break" the Noble technique - created, copyright and trademark 1976 Chloe Dee Noble a photo within a painting
Tootsie Roll Break was completed in 1995 when the artist lived in Morning Glory Cottage on Crespi, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
(Collection of Lessedra Gallery)

Image: "Dance Class - Kauai, Hawaii, 1981" - the noble technique

"Dance Class - Kauai, Hawaii, 1981"
the Noble technique - created, copyright and trademark 1976 Chloe Dee Noble a photo within a painting
(Collection of Lessedra Gallery)

Image: Chloe & Georgi in front of Peaceful Moment (or Clint Eastwood's chair)

Chloe with Georgi in front of
"Peaceful Moment" (or "Clint Eastwood's Chair")
This is a Giclee print from the original Oil on Canvas that was painted 2003 at Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
(Peaceful Moment is in the permanent Collection of Lessedra Gallery)
Photo credit: Valja

Image: Gallery Opening

Susan Litsios, world famous illustrator/print maker living in Switzerland, attended Chloe's opening at Lessedra.
Susan, Chloe and Georgi in front of "Ivy Cottage" which was created in Rye, East Sussex, Great Britain in 1980 using the Noble technique (Collection of Lessedra Gallery)
Photo credit: Valja

Image: Making the BTV film about Chloe`s presentation in Bulgaria

American documentarian, Rita Burns films the interview by the Bulgarian National Television crew at LESSEDRA Gallery.
Left to right: Rita, Chloe, Bulgarian news interviewer and BTV cameraman.
The interview aired on BTV during Morning News on May 3rd, the day of the Opening Reception.
Photo credit: Georgi

Image: Valja and Chloe

Chloe with Georgi's wife, Valja.
At the mountain home of Georgi and Valja in Lessidren, Bulgaria.
Photo credit: Georgi

Image: Chloe and Rita with Georgi in the mountains of Lessidren

After their 24 hour flight, the severly jet-lagged Chloe (left) and Rita (right) with Georgi and friends in the mountains of Lessidren.

After this hospitable reception and delicious dinner, Chloe and Rita had a few days of rest at the beautiful and peaceful mountain resort The Bulgarian Film Festival Hotel & Resort prior to returning to Sofia.

Absolutely nobody spoke English at the resort but there was a darling twelve year old girl vacationing with her parents from the Black Sea who spoke French. She was kind enough to translate the restaurant menu from Russian into French for Chloe.
Photo credit: Valja

Image: Chloe in the restaurant "Pod Lipite"

The last evening in Sofia a traditional Baltic feast accompanied with traditional Bulgarian folk music was enjoyed by all.
Chloe in the restaurant "Pod Lipite"
Photo credit: Susan

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