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As you can see I have always worked as an artist and frequently trade art for property and estate jewelry and art by other artists.
This has been my retirement plan and in 2014 I retired to Florida where I'm happy as a clam and settling into my new art studio. I offer delicious Vintage jewelry.  We also have residential lots for a small down payment and monthly payments with no legal costs, closing costs.  This is an excellent way for anyone to begin their own property portfolio. Foreign investors are welcome.  There are no credit checks, everyone qualifies.  Easy and happy transactions.
All pieces featured will have a buy it now button linking you to PayPal.  If you have questions, see my contact page to send me an email.
~ Thank you for shopping Roxy's Garden

Image: This is an antique T & Co wedding band

Tiffany & Co. Fern Ring Wedding Band
dated 1889
Sterling Victorian
US size is 6.75 or 7
UK Size is N1/2
Hallmark - Birmingham 1889 maker T & Co.
detailed engraved fern leaf - in Victorian days the fern leaf was conisdered good luck.
No damage in excellent shape.
front = 5.6mm in height and 2.4 grams in weight
Cost is $750 with insured shipping



Tiffany & Co Fern Wedding Band, $750.00

Diamond Cluster Ring
Vintage from 1940s Engagement ring
Size 5.25 can size up or down
14K White Gold (2.70 GRM)

Setting is 1/4" 
This was an engagement ring during the 1940s.
It shows wear, of course but remains sturdy and strong 
round smaller diamonds, one .10 center diamond

Buy it now $750 

Priority Mail


Image: Diamond Cluster Vintage Engagement Ring


Vintage Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring , $750.00


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