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HIGH SIERRA Weekend, September 16, 1993 . . . . . Artist enjoys Mammoth visits by Chris Cavanaugh

Dee Noble sketches at Twin Lakes near Tamarack Lodge

It's not uncommon to see artists sketching a scene amid the spectacular scenery in the Mammonth Lakes area. But one professional artist who is a frequent visitor has the distinction of being among 26,000 American women listed in the 1993-94 edition of "Who's Who in American Women".

Dee Noble, who has a watercolor studio in Wrightwood and a sculpture studio in Los Angeles, was notified several months ago that whe had been selected for Who's Who. "I was really thrilled," she said last week as she sat in the lobby of Tamarack Lodge. "It's 26,000 women who have achieved significant careers."

While she spends a great deal of time relaxing at Mammoth Lakes, that doesn't mean Noble stops working on her art. She said her eye is attracted by "everything", in the picturesque basin.

With the wind kicking up late last week, Noble took out her sketch pad, instead of her easel, to make some sketches that will be used for future paintings. She said she is not able to do sculpture work in Mammoth. "At this high altitude, the clay doesn't stay moist enough."

Noble is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She started making doll clothes as a young girl and soon took up painting as well.

"My aunt was a painter. She came over every other weekend and encouraged me to paint", said Noble.

Her next big project will be a sculpture exhibit that will go to museums and blind schools. It has a mother and child there and is designed specifically for blind children to touch. The show will start touring next winter all over the U.S., Great Britain and Australia.

In the U.S., she sells prints of her watercolors by mail, advertising mainly in resort areas such as Mammoth Lakes. Her originals are being sold in Europe.

She hopes to someday buy a home in Mammoth Lakes so she can enjoy the beauty of the area even more.

"I really like the quiet of the area," she said.

- - Article written by Chris Cavanaugh

- - Photo of Noble sketching by Chris Cavanaugh

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