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Image: the art studio of Chloe Dee Noble

Partial List of Awards:

In her youth, as a beauty contest winner, Chloe was featured on a float
during a parade in Philadelphia. She was also presented the
"Key to the City of Philadelphia" which was attached to a lovely gold charm bracelet by
Mayor Richardson Dilworth and
Mrs. Margaret Majer Kelly the mother of
Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco,
nee Grace Patricia Kelly.
A limousine was provided for a week of festivities which included
guest appearances
on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, the Mike Douglas Show, a shopping spree at Wanamaker's,
an evening of dining with Dion (of Dion and the Bellmonts)
and an evening of dining with singer U.S. Bonds,
all under the watchful eye of Chloe's personal chaparone for the week, Mrs. Margaret Kelly.
Mrs. Kelly and Chloe became very close during that week and stayed good friends.
An "empty nester", Mrs. Kelly took to Chloe and sort of adopted her.
Chloe loved meeting Princess Grace and her family at Grace's childhood home.

International Visual Artist of the Year

Outstanding People of the 20th Century

baroness, The Netherlands, Der Grossmeister des ordens vom heiligen Gral zum Ritter des Ordens vom heilen gral

dame, Italy, Ordine Di S. Ciriaco

Silver Medal of Honour, Great Britain

International Who's Who

Marquis Who's Who

Who's Who of American Women

Who's Who in the World

Who's Who in America and Lifetime Achievement Award as noted in Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Many international competitions and blue ribbon awards which include Painting and Sculpture Awards presented by International Platform Association on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

Grand Purchase Award and First Award from UNESCO to benefit Children's Home, Bakersfield, California.

Image: UNESCO Purchase Award

Image: Kara Silver Medal from Switzerland

From Geneva, Switzerland, Chloe received the
on January 23, 2005
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Image: Nominated for Wonder Woman Award

Chloe was nominated for the Wonder Woman Award which is presented to an outstanding American woman each year by DC Comics. (Photo compliments of DC Comics)
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Image: Make a difference Day

Chloe was nominated for National Make a Difference Day Award sponsored by USA Today, Mr. Paul Newman and Points of Light Foundation

Image: The National Day of Doing Good

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