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2022 Calendars ~ Gift Ideas ~ items are available now.

Gift idea: make something from the kitchen for your friends, tie it with a raffia bow and add one of these sweet pin-buttons as a long lasting momento after the gingerbread or hamemade jam is all gone.
These colorful and sweet Christmas stocking stuffers are toppers for your home made gifts. Find these adorable pins and foodie toppers in my shop - connect on the link below for many excellent gifts featuring my art.

Find these adorable button-pins in my shop








The Alfred Sisley Calendar for 2022

Image: Cover for Alfred Sisley 2022 Calendar

Image: Alfred Sisley Calendar 2022

this is the Zazzle Shop where you will see details of this Calendar


Image: 2022 calendar of my art from a variety of places

this link will take you to this calendar


Image: this 2022 Calendar features my art from Ireland

Link here for Zazzle Store featuring this 2022 Calendar of Ireland


Image: 2022 calendar of my art from Hawaii

This link will take you to my Zazzle Store to see details of the 2022 Calendar of Hawaii paintings


The flower Cosmos has long been my favorite flower and grows on every hillside in Assisi.Years ago, I went to Assisi Italy and lived in a convent for several months while researching World War II History for a book I was writing that is now available at your favorite bookshop. 
The Nuns were magnificent and took me around to village shelters that were used to hide Jews waiting to be smuggled out of Europe.  The train came near Assisi where it was easy to meet them as they exited in search of assistance. They were housed, fed and dressed in clothing of priests and nuns and transported to Switzerland by midnight train.

To prepare for an exhibition last year, I took an old painting "Summer" - an auto portrait of me when I was twelve and mounted four fragments for Bulgaria. The fragments were printed over Braille.
Here is the four image suite with a link for purchase. 
The price for each print is $125 and includes shipping. There is a lagtime after purchase to create the piece for you as the eBay ad will show.
You can find these prints on my eBay store, put Chloe Dee Noble in the searchbox.
The name of the book I was writing while in Assisi is, "Della Robbia" by Chloe Dee Noble, available world wide at your favorite store.

Image: Cosmos I

Image: Cosmos II

Image: Cosmos III

Image: Cosmos IV

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