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Limited Edition Art Prints with Braille

These prints were exhibited during LESSEDRA International Print Annual, 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria and throughout Pennsylvania thru Art Ability exhibitions during 2011 and 2012.

Moved by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan during 2011, first, I wrote a story which I embossed on paper in Braille. Then I created three art prints that expressed what I was feeling:

1. is "Earthquake-Tsunami 2011" which represents the force of nature. 
2. is "Echo the Cherry Blossom" or the washing away of Japan into the ocean with all of her glorious beauty. 
3. is "PAX" which represents the outpouring of love and support for all people throughout the world as we received this reminder of how fragile the universe is at any given moment. 

Using printer's ink, I added color on top of the Braille in various ways with stencil, ink rubbings, and block prints. 
Mixed media 

Image: Tsunami Print

Image: Tsunami Print

Image: Tsunami Print

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