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"Bittersweet Memory"

Sometimes life brings you gifts which you ignore, often out of shyness, or not wanting to be inappropriate. This story I share with you:

I lived in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California on Crespi Avenue over by Mission Trail. The meandering path behind my house led over to Carmel Mission, where I was (and still am) a member.
Every Sunday morning I would go out into the garden and pick fresh new blooms. I would make a small bouquet tied with pretty satin ribbon and the other blooms, I would weave through Lucy's collar.
Lucy-in-the-Sky was a sweet, jet-black cocker spaniel. We would walk the trail over to the mission. I would leave the bouquet at the feet of the Virgin Mary and put Lucy on a bench in the church yard. I sat on the last pew near the door so she could keep an eye on me and vice versa. She would patiently wait while I attended mass.
I loved that the trail was an extension of my backyard. Such a lovely place.
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At the time of his death, John Denver lived in Carmel Highlands.

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