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BLINDFOLD PRESS to publish Biography of Jack Reeves

Image: Jack Reeves, movie producer

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BLINDFOLD PRESS is collecting information to be included in the Biography of Hollywood Movie Producer JACK REEVES.
Born February 25, 1922 in Denver, Colorado - died March 31, 1996 in LaJolla, California a few days after lung surgery.
California author, Chloe Dee Noble is writing about her friend.  If you can share any information, please message the studio in the form on our contact page.  

It was the middle of June 1970 when I met Jack Reeves.  I had been in LasVegas with music legends Billy Joe Royal and Joe South the week before and had designed the stage clothing for Billy Joe's concert at the Flamingo Hotel.
A few men from a manufacturing company in Los Angeles liked my designs, invited me to see their company and to work for them as a designer.  They flew me from LasVegas to LosAngeles and put me up at a hotel for a week while I considerd it.

Within a few days, one of the men invited me to the screening of Jack's newly released movie, "Darker Than Amber" that was being shown in one of the posh and comfortable screening theatres at Warner Brothers studios in Hollywood.  It was a very exciting evening for this twenty-something young lady who had never been to California.

Jack telephoned me the following morning and invited me to lunch and we became inseperable until he moved to France in 1971.

Unfortunately Jack and I lost touch through the years and he died in LaJolla, California a few days after lung surgery, March 31, 1996.

Jack was definitely one of the most interesting people I have ever met and the more I discover about his life, the more it rests upon my heart to write about him.

Did you know Jack?  We are looking for all things, photos, information, etc.  Please share your knowledge with us.

He was born February 25, 1922 in Denver, joined the Merchant Marines in 1942 and had an interesting career that eventually led him into the movie business and real estate.




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