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"On Pressing Flowers"

Image: when I retire, this is where I wish to live. . . among lavender blooms in the south of France

by Chloe Dee Noble

On Pressing Flowers:

As a child I collected flowers and pressed them in old telephone books lined with paper towels and waxed papers.

When they dried, I moved them to shoe boxes with layers of makeshift shelves cut from cardboard.
Some days I would take out the dry petals and - with white glue that dried transparent - glue them in layers onto the clear glass panes of the windows in my bedroom. Not only did the windows look like stained glass – especially when the sun shone thru, but they were very nice to touch. I used to give my grandfather fits doing stuff like that around the house but he loved me anyway. Sometimes I would add so many layers of colored petals that the windows began to look like the rich brocade fabric one might find hanging in the Palace of Versailles near Paris, the city of lights and the city of my dreams – even as a little girl growing up in middle Georgia.

When I became friends with Mrs. Margaret Kelly, mother of Grace, the Philadelphia girl who became the princess, I learned more about pressing flowers. One summer when Grace brought her children over from Monaco to visit their grandmother, she showed me how she was able to make beautiful pictures by arranging the dried petals she collected from the garden. She would meticulously and patiently. . . .

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