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Chloe Dee Noble has written "King Solomon's Mind", about Winston Churchill and his friends.

Available the fourth of July in book shops, Amazon and Barnes & Noble 

Image: Chloe Dee Noble, new novel about Winston Churchill

"Della Robbia" newly released novel by Chloe

Image: Page from the novel "Della Robbia" by Chloe Dee Noble

"Della Robbia", Chloe's newest novel is available at
Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  Put Chloe Dee Noble in the search box.  Twenty of her books have been published and most are available on Kindle, but not this one. 

Image: from the book "Della Robbia" by Chloe Dee Noble

Image: Sculptor Chloe Dee Noble at the bronze foundry in Monterey

Chloe is a painter and sculptor.
For fun she writes short stories about life as she observes and experiences it. Simple, sweet stories that may be found in local bookstores worldwide -- in paperback or in the Kindle edition. Chloe's books are published in English, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Afrikaans and Italian.

She has designed more than 4000 images for everyday items available on Zazzle.com (put Chloe Noble in their search box).

Chloe lost her eyesight many years ago when she was bitten by a brown recluse spider as she slept. A resident of Carmel-by-the-Sea, she attended blind school in Pacific Grove, California and eventually retrained herself to paint and sculpt and realized that she paints with her heart and not her eyes.

She continued to have art exhibitions and many of her creations include Braille.

She received a corneal transplant May 31, 2012 and has recovered 100% of her vision thanks to a generous organ donor. Please consider becoming an organ donor, it is the ultimate gift.

Image: American Artist Chloe Dee Noble

Image: American Artist Chloe Dee Noble

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