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A BIG THANK YOU to LION'S CLUB INTERNATIONAL and gifted surgeons. Chloe has successfully completed two Corneal Transplants but is still healing, so, this website is currently under construction.

Thank you for your patience.

Image: Chloe Dee Noble in a more recent photo

I am still in the recovery and adjustment portion of eye surgery.


This photo is from my home, Morning Glory Cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California where I was hired by the city to direct the Summer Art Festival. Carmel is a community of 3000 artists. 
After working for the city a few years I opened my own art gallery Atelier Chloe Dee Noble that was downtown Carmel and across the street from Clint Eastwood's Hog's Breath Inn.


After I lost my eyesight from a brown recluse spider bite I needed a corneal transplant. (I've had two).
While healing, I began publishing the many book manuscripts I had written thru the years.  This photo was made during a book signing in Paris, my favorite city in the world. Unfortunately, it was also the day the corneal transplant rejected - due to my severely damaged immune system.



I use the lost wax technique to create bronze sculptures. 
Here is a headshot of Tiny Dancer and also full view mounted on polished granite.


Since 2005 I've exhibited in Sofia Bulgaria twice each year. 
Lessedra Art Gallery is host to many of my pieces available while you are visiting Bulgaria. 
The Bulgaria National Museum of Humor has my sculpture and paintings in their permanent collection.
This particular view is part of an assemblage created for LESSEDRA  MixedMedia annual exhibition and consists of wearable art created from my collection of Paris scarves, cross body small purses and pillows that are available from my studio in Florida.

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