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The Blue Cornflower Project ~ Le Projet Bleuet Bleu

During the summer of 1942, when northern France was occupied during WWII.  The City of Paris (ordered by Germany) sent invitations to families living in Paris.
During those harsh days of war, French citizens were optimistic to receive such an invittion. They were told they would be photographed during the fun event and they all dressed in their finest clothing. 
When they arrived at the party destination, over by le tour Eiffel they were warmly welcomed.
Professional photographers were set up to receive the children and an assistant helped them with props: girls with false graduation deplomas and fancy handbags; boys with bowls of gold fish, musical instruments and toys. 
The happy children then met and joined the others and celebrated with popcorn, cookies, cake and icecream while parents were in another room filling out forms. All had a wonderful time.
The purpose of this event was to collect information and to create photographs depicting kindness and celebratory fun. It was a profound lie.
Three weeks later fathers were arrested from their homes in the middle of the night and deported to Poland.
Two weeks after that, the mothers were arrested and deported to Poland.
4000 children who were born in France were arrested, housed with German nannies and shipped in convoys to Poland. 
Their parents were already dead. 
The 4000 children all died in Auschwitz in August 1942.

"The Blue Cornflower Project ~ Le Projet Bleuet Bleu" was created to honor these innoocent Jewish children.
Please plant blue cornflowers in your garde/yard/flower pots to honor these children. Very few people have any awareness of this event of horror.
Please participate in this exhibit.  The whole world is invited - the SOLO EXHIBITION will be hosted by LESSEDRA  ART GALLERY in Sofia Bulgaria.
May 1, 2025 - May 31, 2025

The CEO and creator of this exhibit, American artist Chloe Dee Noble chose Bulgaria for this exhibition because Bulgaria was the first country that came to the defense of the Jews living in Paris and helped many to safe shelter among the Bulgarian families. 

Image: We hope to see everybody planting blue cornflowers in their garden in memory of these young children.

Image: While northern France was occupied during WWII, French children were invited to a party at the Velodrome in order to be set up for deportation to Auschwitz where 4000 died in gas chambers.

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